Thursday, February 21, 2008

Timing is everything

Today was cold for a Southern boy and its getting colder and wetter tomorrow and I’m itching to ride my Surly 1x1 so I did a little work on the list until around 1:30 and blew off the rest of the day to ride

I went back to Pocahontas State Park to ride the “Lake View” trail. It’s got great flow and is just enough of a challenge for me right now.
I got in a couple hours and then returned in time to set up tomorrows work just in time for the rain/ice/snow mix that’s heading our way.

One thing I’ll get done is the floor install in the “Bike Shed.” Then it’ll be ready to move the shop and bikes in and with lots of room to set up a workout space. Cool pumpkin color vinyl composite tile.

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