Saturday, January 22, 2011

Underage Teen Girls Are Leaving Beer On My Porch

And all I had to do was help my neighbor, help his daughter, pull together a design and install some lighting for her basement chill-out room. I'm learning how to be nice to people and it's paying off.
I wonder who helped her with the fake ID?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinners Lent

Have a drink, eat some dead cow and choke your proverbial chicken now but then...
Give it all up and join me for Sinners Lent.
It's a growing movement or Growing movement for those of us that don't really have that much time for regular old Lent. A Lent Lite if you will. Starts on Valentines day and ends on April 1st (From Lovers to Fools) To break Lent on April 1st I'm having a Secret Bike Ride leaving from and ending at my house. Followed with a ring of fire, meat on the grill and beer/wine. The ride starts at dusk (when ever that is) so you don't need to skip school or work or what ever it is that you do on Fridays.
I must warn you, the bike ride is slightly dangerous and involves a small amount of trespassing. It'll be an urban night ride where at one point it would be best not to have lights and ride fast. So a cross bike or sturdy road bike would be best but a MTB will be fine too. Ride is about 2 hrs then fire and booze. What could possibly go wrong?
But you don't have to ride to attend. However bring your thick skin because you will be ridiculed and your hand slapped with a ruler.
Can't break Lent without a little suffering.

note: please pass this along to friends you know I'd like or you'd like to have here. People we don't like? Bring them along too and we'll see if we can't get them lost and possibly arrested.

Reply with a "Hells Yes" and I'll send the address.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nice Lighting Hair Makeup. But The Wardrobe Designer Is Fired!

Religion is all show and no reality. A Sunday Sermon is produced as much as any "reality television."
Catholicism is like watching a Broadway musical with all the production and robes and angelic voices singing. Then at the other end of the ...Christian denominational spectrum there's the Pentecostals which is like watching an episode of Hee Haw.
The one common denominator of course is that the script comes from the same Hollywood writers. I think Mel Gibson told us who those people are while in a drunken rage. Or was it just after mass at his Holy Family Church in Malibu. Either way his vision is blurry and both stories lines (Old and New) were written by failed men and shouldn't win an Oscar. But we know who controls Hollywood don't we Mel. Now Islam on the other hand is the video game of religion. The World Of Warcraft or for the old schoolers Doom if you will. Where conversion is through violence. That's very Crusaders of them isn't it? Like so 11th century ago. OMG could they be less original?
Religion is not "The Real World." The Jersey Shore however is awesome. JWOW in the hizouse bitches! Or whatever the kids say these dayz.