Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slowly Closing The Valve

Last summer was spent with the outside water spigot wide open. It had to be. There was no choice. The water needed to flow like the tears of that January if I was to expect any kind of healing. I had to drink hard and ride harder. My Wednesday night mountain bike friends group ride suffered sitting on my wheel. I did not follow, I lead. I rode hundreds of road miles alone and when I did ride in my annual group century I pushed the pace to a 22 plus average. Anyone who spent anytime with me would feel my pain and not know why.
I withdrew to just a very few close friends who knew. The rest have been written off and still are.
This summer brings a new challenge, a harsh reality of a trial that will judge someone and ultimately choose to kill him in my name. I do not agree and there is no stopping it, there are too many others who's valves need to flow. I will close mine down to a more manageable stream. I want to focus on a plan, the escape route to the west. The vision quest I've wanted to go on for forty years has come at the time when it is supposed to. I have no religion, believe in no god yet know where I need to go and for what reason. For me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2012 Earth Event-9 Months Early

Silly little Inca Prophecy, was there really a calender? At some point soon no one will know what day it is.

How about an LDB prediction; with in the next 60 years there will be a significant multi species die off which will be a result of humans poisoning earths environment.

The mere existence of humans insures this due to a minority of intellectual superiority in the development of technology being controlled by an overwhelming abundance of ignorance.

Exceeding the human ability to make positive progress and policies in societal development or support it as a whole. Benefiting only the controlling few will ultimately lead to the human demise.

Increasing denigration of race, more designation of infrastructure then a beginning of a die off. Not total but certainly significant enough to set human existence back several centuries.

One main cause will be an exploding population and an inability to feed it or control its movement across continents.

Governments will be forced not to defend its populations but rather it's food stores, nuclear weapons and energy stations from it's populations while positions of power change until ultimately a detonation occurs and a meltdown poisons the landscape for hundreds of square miles.

All the while the devoted and faithful stay on their knees praying for a deliverance that will never come.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fools Ride

I'm not your ride leader, there is no map or cue sheet,
drug testing will be done so bring enough for everyone.
the blood threshold level must have trace amounts of alcohol or sanctions will be levied
this is not a race, there is no recognition for first place although there will be a LOT of recognition for last place.
there are 3 neutral zones; at the beginning of the ride in the middle of the ride and the last half of the ride.

So it's all set, I figured out a route that should keep us from having to dismount our bikes. Unless you need to run for some reason. About that (reason) I think we might actually have 2 lawyers on hand in case something goes south and since we will be in South-Side Richmond for part of the ride that could come in quite handy. Also word has it an MD could make the ride but it's his night off and he don't make house calls. So that and the fact our "council" might be drunk you're basically on your own which means; bring bail money along with your insurance card and show up Friday April 1st, ride starts at 8:15 from under the south end of the Huguenot Bridge. Comment on this blog or contact the email address listed but most questions will be answered with some smart ass reply so best to just show up.
Oh yeah, I've got a free head light and tail light for the first 10 douchebag riders that don't bring any lights. They suck so you're better bringing your own but...better than nothing. FOOLS

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Underage Teen Girls Are Leaving Beer On My Porch

And all I had to do was help my neighbor, help his daughter, pull together a design and install some lighting for her basement chill-out room. I'm learning how to be nice to people and it's paying off.
I wonder who helped her with the fake ID?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinners Lent

Have a drink, eat some dead cow and choke your proverbial chicken now but then...
Give it all up and join me for Sinners Lent.
It's a growing movement or Growing movement for those of us that don't really have that much time for regular old Lent. A Lent Lite if you will. Starts on Valentines day and ends on April 1st (From Lovers to Fools) To break Lent on April 1st I'm having a Secret Bike Ride leaving from and ending at my house. Followed with a ring of fire, meat on the grill and beer/wine. The ride starts at dusk (when ever that is) so you don't need to skip school or work or what ever it is that you do on Fridays.
I must warn you, the bike ride is slightly dangerous and involves a small amount of trespassing. It'll be an urban night ride where at one point it would be best not to have lights and ride fast. So a cross bike or sturdy road bike would be best but a MTB will be fine too. Ride is about 2 hrs then fire and booze. What could possibly go wrong?
But you don't have to ride to attend. However bring your thick skin because you will be ridiculed and your hand slapped with a ruler.
Can't break Lent without a little suffering.

note: please pass this along to friends you know I'd like or you'd like to have here. People we don't like? Bring them along too and we'll see if we can't get them lost and possibly arrested.

Reply with a "Hells Yes" and I'll send the address.