Sunday, April 17, 2011

2012 Earth Event-9 Months Early

Silly little Inca Prophecy, was there really a calender? At some point soon no one will know what day it is.

How about an LDB prediction; with in the next 60 years there will be a significant multi species die off which will be a result of humans poisoning earths environment.

The mere existence of humans insures this due to a minority of intellectual superiority in the development of technology being controlled by an overwhelming abundance of ignorance.

Exceeding the human ability to make positive progress and policies in societal development or support it as a whole. Benefiting only the controlling few will ultimately lead to the human demise.

Increasing denigration of race, more designation of infrastructure then a beginning of a die off. Not total but certainly significant enough to set human existence back several centuries.

One main cause will be an exploding population and an inability to feed it or control its movement across continents.

Governments will be forced not to defend its populations but rather it's food stores, nuclear weapons and energy stations from it's populations while positions of power change until ultimately a detonation occurs and a meltdown poisons the landscape for hundreds of square miles.

All the while the devoted and faithful stay on their knees praying for a deliverance that will never come.

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