Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nice Lighting Hair Makeup. But The Wardrobe Designer Is Fired!

Religion is all show and no reality. A Sunday Sermon is produced as much as any "reality television."
Catholicism is like watching a Broadway musical with all the production and robes and angelic voices singing. Then at the other end of the ...Christian denominational spectrum there's the Pentecostals which is like watching an episode of Hee Haw.
The one common denominator of course is that the script comes from the same Hollywood writers. I think Mel Gibson told us who those people are while in a drunken rage. Or was it just after mass at his Holy Family Church in Malibu. Either way his vision is blurry and both stories lines (Old and New) were written by failed men and shouldn't win an Oscar. But we know who controls Hollywood don't we Mel. Now Islam on the other hand is the video game of religion. The World Of Warcraft or for the old schoolers Doom if you will. Where conversion is through violence. That's very Crusaders of them isn't it? Like so 11th century ago. OMG could they be less original?
Religion is not "The Real World." The Jersey Shore however is awesome. JWOW in the hizouse bitches! Or whatever the kids say these dayz.

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