Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something that’s bothering me is; what happened to the rattlesnakes?

I’m going to reintroduce rattlesnakes to “Rattlesnake Creek” and need your help. As you might know rattlesnakes aren’t cheep, so I’m hoping that you’ll find it in your heart to sponsor an orphan rattlesnake. For just pennies a day you can help bring a displaced Eastern Diamondback Rattler home. You can make your donations here at
Then I’ll send you a photo of your sponsored rattler as it’s released into its long lost home.

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

If I may be so bold,that's a nice plan. Do you ride in/near Rattlesnake Creek? That sounds like fun. Maybe work in a lttle Church service...Amen and pass the snakes.