Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Dab Ride

Taking advantage of the 60+ weather I did my route on the Downtown Trail. This time of year I’m not interested in how fast I can do this ride but how few dabs I have at the finish. There is only one spot on the whole trail I consistently dab but every ride I end up putting a foot down on some spot I normally can flow thru. Today was no different and really a bit worse than most.

The first dab was here, looking back down at the little climb and one that I can usually do. Not looking ahead again but at my tire and not carrying enough speed, lazy dab, and no excuse.
This rocky little hill gets me, and most riders I talk to, everytime. I think I’ve made it once in fifty attempts. It’s loose gravel with baby heads scattered about and a blind approach out of the tunnel with limited speed. I hope it never gets changed, it’s something to conquer.
I own the wall hop. The trail crosses the park road then a 16 inch rock wall that you pop the front wheel up on then hop the rear wheel and up the short climb…easy. But this time my chain slapped down the cassette and jammed. Mechanical dab…that like a half a dab.
Trail maintenance dab…This is my favorite city employee, Nathan. He’s the Down Town trail boss and liaison between Richmond MORE and the city parks and recreation. I’ll see him this Tuesday at 9am to pay it forward on some volunteer trail work.

5 dabs total; 2 foot downs, 2 mechanical and 1 get out of the way for maintenance

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