Saturday, February 2, 2008

A nice little atheist boy

Its not news that I don’t believe in god or the here after but that doesn’t mean I have to alienate every person that does. Take for instance my friend Gera; He’s a good friend and a Christian of the highest order. He accepts me for who I am and doesn’t judge me on what I believe, but on my actions. So when he wants me to climb up with him to the monument of “The Virgin” in his home town of Minas to light some candles for our families and friends I’m honored. It’s not the first time I’ve lit a candle for friends while on a cycling trip, hell, I lit one for Gera while in Italy in October at a chapel over looking the Mediterranean Sea…see, Gera had a tough summer in the US this past year what with crashes on the bike and in the van on I95 just outside DC so I thought it’d be nice, and damn if he didn’t have a great end of year in Argentina racing. To me it’s not that god had anything to do with it but that I kept my friend in my thoughts and if I had a place to symbolize that for a moment by lighting a candle then that’s cool.

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