Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Julie's Winter Tour

While I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in South America this winter Julie had a different winter destination this year. Work took her and Director of Photography, Peter, to lovely winter destinations like, Helsinki Finland, London and Warsaw Poland. Burrr…
Global warming has the temperature hovering just above freezing in Helsinki when normally this time of year an Icebreaker is needed to keep the harbor open for shipping. Now it’s just tied to the dock.

Julie with Annika on the Esplinade in Helsinki.

Then on to London for a few days. We’ll be heading there soon for a summer visit or maybe spend New Years in Piccadilly. After London it was on to Warsaw where she got to see some examples of Soviet architecture. WWII and communism really did a number on this place. Between the Nazis fighting their way in and the Russians beating them back the place was turned to rubble.

Some buildings remain and since the fall of the Soviet Union there is a renovation of epic proportions to try and restore as much of what remains of old Warsaw as is possible.

An otherwise handsome man I’m sure, not many people can pull off the parka/stocking cap combo and make it look good but Peter gives it his best shot.

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