Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Typical Richmond weather.

78f in Richmond in December is quite a treat but it happens sometimes and is nothing new. I got out for a great ride today for about 2.5 hours. I’ve always wanted to keep a training log but never found the right format so since nobody reads this blog anyway I'll keep it here. I rode east to the battlefields outside of Richmond starting a little before 2pm. It’s mostly flat with little rollers that are fun and keep it interesting. There was a light wind out of the southwest but not bad at all. I felt good for not having been on the bike for over a week but the rest helped me dodge a cold that had been lurking. All in all a great day to be in Richmond. Someday the rest of the country is going to discover what a great town we have here a ruin everything. But as long as we can keep the northern carpetbaggers out then we’ll be just fine.

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