Saturday, December 29, 2007

After 48 hours outside in the cold, Jebus gets a warm bath.

Unsatisfied with the slow progress Grow Jebus was making and rereading the package I decided the little guy needed to come inside for a more controlled environment. This exercise has evolved (pun intended) from a project to an experiment and the conditions in which it’s performed must meet all standards set by the Grow Jebus governing body. Last thing I need is for the World Anti Doping Agency or (NAMBLA) to accuse me of using HGH to aid in my Grow Jebus. If I’m to be responsible for the Second Coming and the start of the Rapture then everything’s going to be done by the book, and by book I mean the package that tiny Jebus came in, not the other one that doesn’t have any answers to my questions.
And NO this is just shaky hand photography not “He is risen.”


The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

Ether way, youre still going to hell.

Anonymous said...

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