Thursday, December 27, 2007

Grow Jebus

Just like any kid with a new toy I HAVE to play with it and Grow Jesus has been sitting there looking at me long enough so out of the package he came. I want to see just how big this little guy can get. Personally, I can’t see Christ getting much bigger but that’s what the Romans said. Next thing you know I’ll have a yard full of Catholics tearing up my grass.

As a comparison I have him next to one of my Jebus Candles and our dash board hula girl and as you can see he’s tiny

The package said he’d reach 600 times this size and if my math is correct he’ll be 300 inches in 10 days. That's just one more thing I don’t believe about this guy. Even in this 10 gallon container I doubt he’ll get to a foot and a half. Stay tuned for daily up dates on the growth of Jebus.

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