Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big week for riding

First I got the 78 degree day on Wednesday then the annual holiday “Pie Ride” night mountain bike trail poach at Poor Farm get your drink on, and today an epic, if only for me, road ride. Thursday’s weather was iffy for the Pie Ride but it’s one of those get togethers that won’t be missed. Alcohol and peer pressure is a powerful combination. It starts at the hosts, Dans personal trails on his property so the family dog can enjoy a run with the crew. The leaves had been cleared and the secret cooler stash of beer was placed at the top of the “Separator” hill where each of us could down 12 ounces of courage before the decent to the bottom. Then after the hour loop it was on to Poor Farm to ride the public trails under the cloak of darkness. The leaf covered trails made it challenging to hold a line but the shot of Makers Mark helped ease any concerns. The sprint back to Dan’s was again won by Tim. After a quick clothing change it was on to Dans basement for the festivities of beer tasting, oysters, shrimp, 7 layer nachos and other finger food. But the reason of the season, pecan pie was once again butchered by the master of culinary disaster, Jim.. The last 2 years it came out of the oven burnt, this year it came out raw. There’s a lot to be said for tradition.
Today the weather was cloudy and damp but the promise of better skies got me motivated to do some training. Sundays have been a good day for LSD, long slow day, where I like to head east to meet up with a group ride for part of it and then head back home. As the sky cleared the wind picked up blowing east giving me a good ride out but a hell ride back. My LSD was transformed into a struggle to keep moving forward and upright and ended as a four hour 52mile suffer fest. I’m done.

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