Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gira del Uruguay

Mark playing it cool before he boards the plane with an ounce and a half of Peruvian flake in his prison wallet.

Prolog, Richmond to DC
Wednesday Jan. 10th
Record time to Dulles Airport in 1hr 30min then on to El Salvador and after a short 2 hour layover a connection to Lima Peru for a 7hr wait for the 4 hour flight to Uruguay. The ticket was cheep and as long as I kept telling myself that I was ok but still 23hrs. door to door for 11 hours of flight time was a high price to pay. We settled into the training camp house Friday morning at 7:30 for some sleep until 1pm.
Gera came to pick us up to meet his mother and father at their home for lunch.
After a long lunch we met with Gera and Jorge to do a quick 20 miles to try and spike the energy.
Then typical evening meal at 10pm until 2am. I’m beat…

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