Thursday, January 24, 2008

Punat del Este

After sleeping until noon then eating lunch we drove 40 minutes to Uruguay’s resort beach. Called the Riviera of South America it truly is the best beach I’ve ever been on.
It has multiple topographical features along the shore line, rock cliffs, wide white sand beach, grass covered dunes, sectioned off into different cultural atmospheres. A family beach where people play games in the sand, kick around the Futbol and fly kites. A bar beach with umbrella shaded beds, café tables, a chill out DJ setting the mood, masseuse working in a white linen draped gazebo and Fernet with ice and coke to pull it altogether.

Then for the rich and famous there is the Casino, high rise condos, marinas and restaurants with the girls dressed as though they were in a fashion show or a strip club.

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Stevil said...

Like living in a world with two perfect moons.