Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Friday

I was talking to the preacher about Jesus and how he [Jesus] had it coming and if he had just chilled out for a little longer we might have been able to celebrate Easter in June when it's a little warmer. He asked what I meant by had it coming so I said, "Everything would have been cool if he hadn't been messing with the money changers, I mean its just business, they had families to feed and the price of lamp oil had gone through the roof what with the Romans causing all that trouble with the Gauls in what is now France. Yep shouldn't be messing with a mans MONEY." It was at this point that he tried to save me but I was all ready heading down the road.
Seriously though, did Jesus die for our sins or did he piss off some powerful people? He saw wrong and tried to right it, he saw suffering and tried to ease it. I’m paraphrasing here, can you tell from what speech? Thing is if you question authority then trouble is waiting around the corner. Do I need to name all the activists that were brought up on false charges or just outright murdered trying to make things better for all man kind? No. Will it ever be different? Hopefully. Am I going to catch some Christian’s bullet because I don’t believe what they tell me? Possibly.

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