Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bury the hatchet/ In the head of religion

Just kidding, as I joker first and an Atheist second I like to poke fun at what I conceder an archaic belief in an attempt to explain the existence of all that is. I do take seriously the encroachment that religion makes on personal freedom and its dictation of what it believes to be moral, right and the “truth.” That being said, please know that as long as people of “faith” keep their belief private and not dictate to the public their ideals then I feel safe. Other wise I feel that my rights are threatened. As strongly as some people of “faith” feel about their beliefs, I don’t believe in it at all.
So we are at an impass, and I’m old enough and wise, (no comments please) enough to know that peoples belief systems become set in stone as mine are and can not be changed. But that doesn’t mean I won’t point out what I feel is hypocritical and man there is a lot of that to bring up.
But now on you Christians highest of holy days I’d like to show a little respect and wish you all a peaceful Easter and year to come. May we all find our own path with love and tolerance of others. Life is not one way single track, there will always be riders coming in the other direction.

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