Monday, March 3, 2008

Bike Shed

How did it get to this point? I’ve had a bike most of my life. Just like every kid it started with four wheels then three wheels then four then two then back to four then back to two. Getting pulled around in the little red wagon gave me the feeling of movement close to the ground, then the tricycle gave me the feeling of self propulsion, next the bike with training wheels gave me the feeling of speed, then when the training wheels came off I got the feeling of distance and independence, then the car came along and for a long time I lost touch with cycling. Around 96’ I got back on the bike with the intention to use it for cross training. I had been racing Jet Skis up and down the east coast in the offshore endurance series for a couple years and along with weight training, wanted something to keep me fit in winter. As the motor sport got more expensive I started cycling more and in 98' I bought a used road bike and never looked back. I immersed myself in all things cycling even leaving my construction gig to work in a shop for a year and a half, learning as much as I could about wrenching and bike culture. Slowly I collected the tools I needed to put together a decent repair/build shop in one of the extra bedrooms but quickly ran out of space.

Bike Shed started as tool storage but it got away from me and I soon realized it would be a better use of space as a place for the bikes. So with the momentum I had toward creating a unique building Julie and I picked out a wall color and I lucked out with a decision on the floor on my own. Now that the shop is loaded in the new space I hope I can get the smell of Phil Wood grease out of the spare bedroom.

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