Sunday, November 22, 2009

What’s Wrong With Me

Three weeks ago it started with aches and pains, congestion, sneezing, coughing, typical cold coming on. It happens every year at least once and this time it went on for 10 days. Depending on the work load I usually work right through being sick but the project I’m on is physically demanding and the virus had killed all my energy and I thought it was possibly the Swine Flu but no fever. Then last Sunday I felt fine, work all last week and by Friday felt sick again and with a half day of work scheduled for Saturday I was getting tired of being sick and tired. I sucked it up did the work then went to Patient First on the way home to see a Doc in the Box.
Now the reason for this post; I walked in handed them my insurance card and walked out an hour later having had blood work done, a flu test, met with a doctor who handed me the results of the tests along with a prescription that was filled there all for 10 bucks.
What hell would I have to pay if I was uninsured? How long would I have to work to pay for this not to mention all the other medical attention I get?
Here’s a rundown on what’s wrong with me: Food allergies as a child, asthma for 40 years 4 different drugs every day for that, Pneumonia 4 times over my lifetime, 2 allergy shots twice a month, 3 hernia surgeries over 30 years due to my work, cancer in 1990, back surgery in 2007 and all I had to do was walk in and deal with being sick and not whether I’d be turned away and left to die because I was uninsured.
How could I not want everyone to have this kind of access to medical treatment?
What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with affordable insurance for all?

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