Sunday, November 15, 2009

I didn’t miss veterans day

I was home sick and watched a couple war movies, saw the President walk through Arlington and thought about calling my dad. (Pictured receiving a Purple Heart after Iwo Jima) But he wouldn’t have cared about the significance of the call just that I called, so I waited a couple of days.
I’ve been so back and forth on war, as a kid I played it with my friends, have an interest in WWII history and selfishly want to hear more about my dads experience during that time even though I know it pains him to talk about it which is why he rarely does. I supported Desert Storm and lost a couple friends because of that and got fooled into supporting that idiot “W” and his puppet master Chaney’s “war on terror’ when we went to Iraqi. But even then I thought it better to use our military resources to lock down the castle, meaning tighten security at home in the US while probing and surgically removing the terrorist threat.
Recently I’ve not become passive because I like seeing fundamentalist get their ass kicked no matter the ideology, but more anti “taking the fight to them.” And not just being in Iraq or Afghanistan but having our military in Japan, Germany and scattered all over Europe and Asia. Have we become Rome though not in the same vein but still spread thin and spending vast amounts of resources let alone cash to keep the Soviet Union from rolling into Europe all Stalin Style?
Could we not evolve our military into peace keepers by bringing the majority home to aid with the reconstruction of the US infrastructure?
I think maybe that would be a great way to thank those who serve.

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