Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Ass Is Back!

I’ve been ignoring this here blog due to a couple of things. First of which is that my laptop checked out and I’ve been using Julies work computer when she brings it home. Not a good enough excuse in itself but it doesn’t have a camera card insert thingy to download pictures and I need visuals to inspire me to write so I bought the necessary hardwear and soon more unsavory images will appear here. But the big source of this uninspired period is Facebook; it has stolen a little of my soul while at the same time filled in many missing pieced of my past. Just like everyone else on the planet I’ve reconnected with people that were a big part of my youth and whether they wanted to see my Face or not I’ve put it in front of them. I’ve also given them the opportunity to see my ass which I’m sure most would say is what they thought of me when they knew me 20+ years ago. One friend in particular has surface that is holding a certain picture of me that I had lost decades ago and has promised to scan it and send to me. When that little piece of history arrives many questions about why I am who I am will become clear.

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