Saturday, January 24, 2009


How much awesomeness can be packed into 7 days…

Sunday I was single speeding with a big group of great guy’s at Poor Farm that had me up front controlling the pace, choosing the route and at one point working a line I know through a shallow creek covered with a thin layer of ice. I pulled off the first section of it then onto a rocky creek bed then back into the water and up onto ice breaking through working forward but getting stuck and putting both feet down on to the ice and breaking through into the water to my shins then riding on. No worries, wool socks.

Monday had me sleeping late then pulling it all together and packing the car for camping to meet the President (notice the carbon monoxide sensor so I can run the engine for heat all night)

On my way up 95 north to my camping parking lot in Alexandria I stopped off at the Marine Corps History Museum at Quantico. My dad’s a Marine, wounded on Iwo Jima and I’ve always been proud of that, plus this place is very cool.

Tuesday gave me the opportunity to be there, to witness, testify, signify and share my beer with a total stranger between two dumpsters on the National Mall. I love making History.

Wednesday was a great goof off day of grocery shopping, sending invoices, doing dishes and digging on being home on a cold day

Thursday was back at work making jewelry.

Friday was half day of carpentry then hit the gym then a massage.

And now it’s Saturday where it all comes to a head…The Day I Turn 50! I’ve NEVER felt better; get there if you can, the view from where I stand is wonderful.

And YES bitches, I DO want to live forever!

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