Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slim chance

In just a few days I’ll be in Napa, California for the first time in 20 years to spend some time touring the wine country with Julie and also racing the Single Speed World Championships 08’. I’m looking forward to both activities even though the SSWC08 was the motivation to head west. I’ve longed to live out west ever since I was a kid and spent a year in Denver in 1971 which is another story for another time. But someday in the near to distant future I’ll be making my way west to set up a retreat for myself on the “frontier” where I can spend the remaining years of my life roaming the big mountains of Colorado or the high deserts of New Mexico and Utah or the pacific coast of northern California, Oregon and Washington St. The search has begun in finding an Adobe or a wooden cabin or a stone cottage that needs to be renovated. Someplace located where I can access all the vistas that can be seen from my mountain or road bike ala Forest Gump as I finish off my life on the mother of all walk about.
But for now Napa and the “Worlds” are calling and I’ve answered; I have to admit I’ve thought about that SSWC08’ winners tattoo and where I'd put it. I’m not big on collecting body art and Julie might not like it so I figured the safe place for it would be on my dick. That way it won’t be very big and Julie will never see it.
One things for sure though, I’ll be running into some of the folks that I’ve followed on this here intertube over the past few years and I’m a little nervous about seeing these people I conceder friends that I’ve only written to or have written to me. Julie said maybe it’s like meeting my favorite celebrities, but really, more like playing with my favorite cartoon characters.

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Stevil said...

Fuzzy? Sorta. Drunk? Com-fuckin-pletely.
High fives to you my friend.