Thursday, August 28, 2008

Race Report

The Single Speed World Championship 08 was everything I expected and more…or less. See, one cannot go to this event with expectations because with that comes a certain advanced knowledge of what might happen and that just ain’t going to happen. That’s not to say that there isn’t some sort of agenda or that the organizers don’t work their asses off to pull this off but it’s just that if you show up for this day don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed. SSWC is a happening and the “race” is more about who would participate than how well you would do in it. I could try and explain further but how could I when I’m not even sure what just happened. I know I showed up, got my number plate, put it in its appropriate spot on my bike, followed all instructions given by the guy with the microphone then ran and rode in the direction directed. How can I tell you about the guys racing in tighty whiteys or the 7 foot tall Australian Waspafarian in a powder blue jump suit that was kicking the jams from a sound system mounted to his bike and his techno twin in a palsy jump suit and slicked back hair and no helmet descending some of the most technical single track I’ve been on. How can I possibly describe the crowd of spectators that lovingly heckle all the riders and riders that stop racing to join in on the hecklings, (side note…the greatest moment for me during the race was not that I finished all 3 laps but was when I shut down a crowd of hecklers by heckling them with, “See how much fun I’m having! The first 2 laps were for you but this lap is for me! I don’t need you people! Helloooo ladies.” (as I passed by the 3 sexy girls in referee outfits, then they each smacked me on my ass.) It’s just impossible to put into sentences and pictures are worth a thousand words but a thousand words are not enough so get to Durango next year, whether you get in the race or not, the suffering is a bonus, just being a part of it makes everyone a champion.


Gera said...

nice girls!
p.s. I'm single !!!!!!!!!!!!

S.K. said...

Yeah... What you said.