Friday, June 27, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

Thursday was another typical July day in Richmond, around a 100 and humid. My only task for the day was to move a hot water heater so I could access an area for next weeks hell job where I’ll be installing drain tile in a basement to control flooding. Normally a 2 person job but I’ve decided to work alone for awhile so it’s all on me to break up the concrete, dig the grade and install the drain system. But for now I’m done and with the heat peaking at 3pm I had to just sit it out until the sun got a little lower. So at 6:30 I loaded up the Surly 1x1 and headed to Dogwood Dell near the trail head to get in as much riding before dark as possible. Like most folks who ride these trails I have different routes for different days and to day was for fun and not so much for a workout so Forest Hill Park was left out. That section is just hard to ride what with all the Hills as the name implies and the fact that no trail maintenance is allowed due to political reasons, (The rights of the few affecting the rights of the many,) hopefully that stupid shit will be resolved soon. So for to nights ride it’s, North Trail then Butter Milk heading east then Butter Milk Heights heading west to make a figure 8 then across the Nickel Bridge, which is now a quarter, then a quick adjustment to the bike back at the car then North Trail again and Butter Milk heading east (I like to ride down the steps of the train tracks tower) then west on North Trail in the dark. Confused? Then come along some time and do my 8 Ball Ride.

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The Peahen said...

No post since June 27th?

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