Saturday, September 5, 2009

Schools Back From Summer

Soon all the children will put on their best new clothes, shove brown bag lunches into backpacks along with books, pens, pencils and dreams of what lies ahead for them in the next 9 months.
I remember those days but more as a forced march to the drum of disinterest that left me waiting for a piece of paper that my parents felt was the only gauge of success. All the while I was doing the very least to obtain it for them. Once freed from the shackles of desks and used books that didn’t contain the answers to my questions, I began my real education by taking the long way around to get here which is by no means where it will end. What I found along the way is that mediocrity must be avoided at all costs, satisfaction leads to complacency, hard work keeps you thin, hard play keeps you healthy and alive and don’t let youth be wasted on the young.

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