Monday, February 9, 2009

So…Is This How’s It’s Gonna Be?

Two weeks into my 50’s and I’m already over compensating.
I get an email early last week from The Peahen instigating a cycling throw down. Being one easily persuaded into doing something even remotely athletically challenging, (other than road racing which I feel is for people who like to bitch about “closing that gap” and picking asphalt out from under their skin) I instantly and without considering much in the way of logistics was all in. After all, it was just a quick trip down to Colonial Williamsburg, have dinner, spend the night and ride back. Having done organized century rides to raise money for the Virginia Capitol to Capitol trail how could this be a big deal? I even upped the ante by riding down to meet my partner in suffering at his building to prove that my confidence was not in question. We did carry a trump card in the form of Julie bringing a change of clothing and meeting us at the The Peahen family home for dinner then she and I would stay in a hotel for the night.
The ride to Williamsburg was everything we expected and of course we had a slight head wind as we rode east but that’s going to happen on a 60 degree day in February. The dinner along with spending time at The Peahens moms and pops house was great entertainment plus neither of his parents had heard any of my stories so it was Showtime.
The next morning brought soreness, butt a free hotel breakfast that I choked down to make the 10:30 start time insured I’d have fuel for the morning. We rolled out and I all butt (there’s that word again) begged The Peahan not to take the Colonial Parkway back due to its aggregate/concrete construction which had all butt destroyed my butt at the end of previous 5 hr day. He lead us out of town to the north and in a couple of hours we found what was determined to be markings for the cap to cap century ride from last year. Unfortunately, even though it took us on some great roads that were heading west, it also backed tracked us for about 15 miles east and put us where we had started 45 minutes earlier. Fortunately it was a strait shot back and a store stop just in time to fuel up for the ride in but we still had 40 miles left to the city line with another 10 for me to home. As we entered the city and started the short climb up Main street, then parted as The Peahen turned for his building I got a little energy boost. With the sun setting as I crossed the bridge to my neighborhood, I looked out over the river to a sky on fire and suddenly, once again, it was all worth the effort.

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ThePeahen said...

That wasn't the sky on fire. It was every neuron in your brain imploding from exhaustion.