Sunday, July 13, 2008

Revolution for Iraqi?

As poignant today as when I was a child. As a 10 year old I’d watch the news with my father and saw the images of Viet Nam and the disgust on dads face. He knew all to0 well the horrors of war and that this “police action” was just politicians egos getting Americans killed. Washington was more concerned about saving face than saving lives. Now we’re once again allowing history to repeat it’s self and are bogged down in a country that was a threat to the Middle East region but one we had contained. We could have sat on Saddam indefinitely and supported an over throw from afar with less Iraqi deaths (in the millions since the war as apposed to 600,000 at the hands of Saddam over decades) and concentrated on defeating al-Qaida along with Christian fundamentalists as far as I’m concerned.

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